Every Season Brings Holiday Marketing Opportunities

By: Anna Wolski

Smart local businesses know that seasonal and holiday marketing makes a big impact on their target audiences; from positively wicked Halloween promotions to ads as sweet as your Valentine, there are endless opportunities to execute fun, creative, affordable messaging.

Consumers spend billions of dollars during the major U.S. holidays and grabbing their attention while they’re in the holiday spirit is just smart marketing. According to National Retail Federation’s Winter Holidays Data Center, 64% of consumers find sales and price deals important while shopping, which shows that it’s a good idea to capitalize on holiday specials and deals.

Holiday Marketing How-To

While it can seem overwhelming, given the sheer number of holidays and celebrations, here are a few tips for how to take advantage of the holiday spirit.

Start In Your Office and Your Neighborhood

Getting in the holiday spirit at your office shows that you’re part of your local community. Bring some holiday cheer to your office with fun decorations that will put a smile on your clients’—and their kids’ — faces. If your community has any unique celebrations or festivals, get involved in them. It’s a great way to put your business front and center. Whether it’s marching in the Fourth of July parade or participating in a local festival, there are hundreds of fun ways to engage with the community and market your business.

Add Some Holiday Color to Your Social Media

The holidays are a great time to have some fun on your social media platforms. For Halloween, you may want to post images of pumpkins or change your profile picture to something spooky. In December, try posting some red and green graphics to get everyone in the holiday spirit. You can even add holiday graphics to your website or app. For Independence Day, adding red, white and blue to your social posts will prove impactful. But the images aren’t all you need. Always try to relate your messaging and social copy to the seasonal holiday. 

Plan Ahead

Choose a day in the beginning of the year, grab a calendar and map out which holidays you want to post about. There are now thousands of fun, national holidays that are celebrated on social media. From National Coffee Day to National Doughnut Day, you can create more awareness and tie your services to something that your clients love. Find unique holidays that fit in with your business too. For example, March is National Credit Education Month, so provide tips for boosting your credit score or talk about how credit impacts a mortgage application.

Create a Special Offer or Promotion

During the summer months when home purchase season is in full swing, consider adding a special offer during the Fourth of July holiday. On St. Patrick’s Day, mention that it’s a client’s “lucky day” and award a random client a prize. During the Thanksgiving season, tell your existing clients how thankful you are for their business.

Take Advantage of Big Shopping Holidays

There are millions of people out there shopping on Black Friday and even more shopping online on Cyber Monday. It’s a great time to post something about a new offer or product. Plus, don’t forget to promote Small Business Saturday in your office, in local newspapers and on your social media. It’s a smart way to create more foot traffic on a day that’s focused on your local community. 

For December holidays, it’s the perfect time to make a stronger connection to your existing and prospective clients and go beyond any sales messaging. Send out personalized holiday cards and post a heartfelt message on your social media, wishing your clients the happiest of holidays. It’s about ending the year on a high note and thanking your clients for their business.

Be Family Friendly

Businesses and consumers are very active on holidays that pay tribute to loved ones. For Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, try posting fun photos of some of the moms and dads in your office. Don’t forget to thank all the moms and dads for all they do throughout the year. 

Start The New Year on The Right Note

Everyone’s making resolutions on January 1. What’s yours? It’s a great time to thank your clients for an amazing year and set the tone for the year ahead. And don’t forget to mention the many ways you can help them make their resolution of becoming homeowners in the new year.

Get More Holiday Marketing Tips

Every season has major advantages when it comes to holiday marketing opportunities for your business. Smart marketers know that some seasons prove more effective for their business than others. For Rocket ProSM TPO partners, marketing during spring and summer holidays is ideal because it’s the height of purchase season. The key is to be creative, have fun, plan ahead and keep the messaging simple. Your clients are bombarded with sales messaging during the holidays, so make sure you stand out. If you’re already a partner with us, sign into the portal and check out the marketing hub for some customizable marketing materials. If you aren’t working with us yet, partner with us today to get even more assistance with marketing and growing your business.