We have a set of philosophies called ISMs that guide us, help us grow and allow us to create an impact and innovate. They’ve been a part of us since Rocket Mortgage began. Our ISMs shape our robust culture and let people know what we stand for. We encourage you to use these simple philosophies to grow your own business. When you ask people why they enjoy being a part of Rocket Pro TPO, they’ll tell you, “The culture.” Discover how our ISMs unite us around a culture of excellence.

Always Raising Our Level Of Awareness.

As Yogi Berra said, “You can see a lot just by looking.” Keep your head up. Look. Be curious.

The Inches We Need Are Everywhere Around Us.

We are all empowered to find the opportunities to make an impact everywhere. One inch at a time, these inches all add up to greatness.

Responding With A Sense Of Urgency Is The Ante To Play.

We take care of things, especially our clients … NOW!

Every Client. Every Time. No Exceptions. No Excuses.

Clients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Obsessed With Finding A Better Way.

If it’s good, let’s make it great. If it’s great, let’s take it to an even higher level.

Yes Before No.

We respond to all curiosity with the mindset of YES first. Our bias is to the YES side of life.

Ignore The Noise.

The noise may fluctuate in volume, but your determination to press on in spite of it (ignore it!) will make all the difference.

It’s Not About WHO Is Right; It’s About WHAT Is Right.

There is no place at our company for typical corporate arrogance. WHO is right (or WHO is wrong) is irrelevant and inconsequential to WHAT is the right decision.

We Are The “They.”

There is no “they.” We are the “they.” Just open minds and an open culture rooted in  trust.

Take The Roast Out Of The Oven.

Perfection is not the goal when it’s time to make a decision. Focus instead on constant improvement and innovation.

You’ll See It When You Believe It.

If we truly believe in something, we can – and will – affect the outcome. If we believe in ourselves first, we dramatically increase our odds of success.

We’ll Figure It Out.

We don’t need to have all the answers before we take on a project or launch a new and innovative idea. We’ll figure it out along the way.

Every Second Counts.

Time, not money, is the most valuable commodity of all. Time can never be replaced. Never trade significant amounts of time for small sums of money.

Numbers And Money Follow; They Do Not Lead.

Become great at something or build something great. Chasing numbers and money first will leave you chasing your tail.

A Penny Saved Is A Penny.

Invest in ideas, improving your skills, innovation, developing your talent, design, marketing and technology, and your return will be more than just pennies.

We Eat Our Own Dog Food.

Tying the threads and leveraging ideas and connections is what it’s all about.

Simplicity Is Genius.

Simplifying things in this fast-moving, complicated world isn’t just good – it’s GREAT.

Innovation Is Rewarded. Execution Is Worshipped.

It takes both ideas AND execution to make things happen.

Do The Right Thing.

Stick to the highest standard of integrity, without compromise. Character is what you do when no one is looking over your shoulder!

The Packaging Is Just As Important As The Contents

We don’t want our audiences just KNOWING something in their heads, we want them UNDERSTANDING something in their hearts. SENT does not always mean RECEIVED. Excellent packaging of the message makes all the difference.