Creative Social Media Strategies For Your Business

Social media on phone and laptop

Social media helps build your brand, keeps your business top of mind, directs people to your website and provides another way for you to engage with your clients, thus humanizing your business even more.

To help you reap the benefits of social media, here are a few creative strategies to try on your business’s social accounts this year.

Know Your Social Media Goals

Don’t just do social media because you think you have to. Decide how you want to use it to grow your business, then make a plan to meet your goals. 

Remember: You can change your goals as your social media evolves. For example, your social strategy may follow something like this order:

  • Awareness: Your business creates a social presence and gains new followers.
  • Interest: Users become engaged with your content by liking and commenting on posts and viewing videos.
  • Amplification: Users share your social content, expanding your reach outside of your social channels.
  • Consideration: Your business becomes part of the user’s lending research. They click links to your site, fill out forms and contact your business.

Determine Your Platforms And Their Purpose

While it’s good to have a presence on more than one site (cross-channel marketing), make sure you don’t take on too much or use the wrong platform for your goals. 

While Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are all social media platforms, people use them in different ways. Here’s how each platform is typically used and how you could use it for your business:

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: Users follow brands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a few reasons. Many are already customers. Followers, whether current or potential customers, want special offers and deals. They seek to be informed and entertained and often use these platforms to reach out to the brand. 

LinkedIn. Users tend to use LinkedIn more for professional networking and job searching. Use this site to connect with real estate agents, financial advisors and other mortgage industry professionals. You can also use the site for your recruiting efforts with posts about life at your company, awards the business has won and current openings. 

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Match Your Social Media Profile With Your Brand

First, if you don’t already have a brand, define one before building your social presence. Your brand should consist of a logo, color palette, font and voice. Think about what you want your brand to represent to your clients. All of these elements should be used in your social media to make your all-around online presence cohesive. Those who know your brand should easily recognize it before even seeing your company name. Use your logo as your profile picture, and use your brand’s colors and voice throughout your profiles and in all your posts, whether they include images, videos or other content.  

Use A Mix Of Content

Notice that we mention images, videos and other content in the section above. When posting to social media, give your clients variety to keep them engaged. Remember, too, that everyone learns in different ways. Some are visual or verbal learners, while others learn by hearing and physically engaging with the content. By adding variety to your posts, you’ll be able to reach more people and hold their attention. 

You should have a mix of content that includes photos and other images, videos and written articles. Make sure you also have a variety of created (original) and curated (third-party) content. Sharing articles and other posts from other businesses you love and trust makes it about helping your client, instead of making it all about you.

Budget For Some Sponsored Posts

While posting organically is free, to get noticed on social media, you need to pay to play. Luckily, even a budget of $50 can get new eyes on your content. When you create a sponsored post, you can upload a list of your own contacts or target specific people based on things like interests and location.

Leverage Your Rocket Pro TPO Resources

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