5 Tips For Recruiting Loan Officers

Most loan processes can be done online, but many people still want human interaction when it comes to getting a mortgage. That desire is what makes loan officers (LOs) invaluable. While you can hire just about anyone to fulfill that need, the right people will do so much more for your team. They won’t just […]

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September 14, 2022

Creating A Great Company Culture In A Small Team

Leaders of large companies often talk about the importance of culture in the workplace, but small business owners might not know how that translates to them. Can a small team even have its own company culture? To get insight on what company culture is and how leaders can foster their own work culture – even […]

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August 25, 2022

Preparing Your Client For A Short Sale Purchase

Short sales are often misunderstood and can be confusing for both the buyer and the seller. Typically, the seller’s credit is not damaged quite as much as a foreclosure would inflict. However, sellers are still left without any earnings moving forward. Buyers may initially find a short sale home appealing due to the lower price […]

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August 17, 2022

Explaining Title Insurance To Your Client

This article was written by Devon Turner, copywriter at Amrock. Occasionally a client will ask you what title insurance is. As a RocketProSM TPO partner you surely have a working knowledge, but this article provides a definition (with examples) for those who want a refresher. Title Insurance is Ensure-ance Anyone who purchases a home receives a […]

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August 10, 2022

6 Steps For Protecting Your Small Business From Cybercriminals

By: Breyden Kellam Think cybercriminals are only after big businesses? Think again. According to Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, small businesses – that is, companies with fewer than 1,000 team members – accounted for 715 data breach incidents. And very small businesses, or those with 10 team members or less, were targeted even more […]

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July 14, 2022

The Benefits Of Leveraging Down Payment Assistance

According to National Association of REALTORS® 2022 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report, 34% of all home buyers are buying for the first time. This group of buyers is a special one as it’s the first time they’re making such a big financial decision and commitment. Add the fact that they may not understand […]

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July 06, 2022

How To Become A Loan Officer

With today’s ever-increasing hybrid work preferences and importance of a better work-life balance, a loan officer career can offer big advantages. It’s no surprise that a loan officer is currently ranked #15 in U.S. World News and Report’s rankings for best business jobs in the U.S.More good news: the ranking also states that the Bureau […]

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June 30, 2022

Working With Single Home Buyers

As a broker, you’ll meet all kinds of clients who range in age, home buying experience, income and lifestyles. Each client is unique and has their own personal goals and roadblocks when it comes to homeownership. The different categories they fall into can also tell you something about them. For example, studies have shown millennial […]

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June 22, 2022

Utilizing Internships To Help Grow Your Business

There’s not a business in the world that can’t benefit from a fresh set of eyes with a new perspective every so often. Properly utilized, internships can provide businesses a great source of inspiration, and who knows, you might find someone you want to hire on full-time. Follow these tips to make an internship a […]

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June 15, 2022

Three Ways You’re Losing Clients And Don’t Realize It

Losing a client may make you feel confused, shocked or even betrayed. It’s hard to look at the positive side when you lose business, but here it is: Losing a client can also give you the opportunity to reflect on your business practices and see what you can change or improve. Turn this loss into […]

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June 09, 2022