Rocket Fuel Newsletter – 08/05/23

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In this edition, the United States’ credit rating downgrade, July jobs and what it all means for the economy. 

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Fitch Down Grades US Credit Rating To AA+ 
Fitch Ratings downgraded the United States’ credit rating from AAA to AA+; the U.S. has been widely seen as one of the safest borrowers in the world, which is why any changes to its usual AAA rating is shocking. Fitch claims fiscal deterioration and constant down-to-the-wire debt ceiling negotiations led to the decrease in the country’s rating. 

As expected, the White House wasn’t thrilled. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called the AA+ rating "arbitrary and based on outdated data." 

Jobs. Jobs. Jobs? 
The jobs market continued its cool off in July to its lowest point in nearly 3 years, adding 187,000 jobs last month versus consensus expectations of 200,000 jobs. Jerome Powell and the Fed will like this report, as it shows a positive trend in their ongoing fight against inflation (more on this below).

Even as inflation has begun to cool and many in the markets predicted rate cuts from central banks to bring interest rates back down to earth in the second half of the year, interest rates continue to rise. 

Many people thought Jerome Powell might start to cave as the economic situation worsened and there would be no way for him and the rest of the FOMC to maintain higher rates for longer. 

Consumer spending has remained strong in the face of higher rates and prices as Americans tap credit cards and home equity to continue their vacationing and Taylor Swift tour experiences after a couple years of hanging out at home. 

This has enabled the inflation hawks at the central banks to maintain higher rates, and the markets are realizing that they mean business and adjusting accordingly. 

As rates tick up again and home prices hold steady and have slightly started to rise across most of the country as inventory remains tight, affordability remains a concern. 

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Chris Behrns (center), Abe Khoury (left) and Billie McLeod (right) traveled down to Florida this week to take part in the Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals trade show in Orlando. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat! 

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