5 Ways To Make Your Business Greener

Last week, Earth Day celebrated its 52nd anniversary. While much has changed since 1970 (for example, we now have the Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Water Act), there is still much to be done to preserve the planet for generations to come.

In recent years, businesses have stepped up to that challenge, using cleaner energy sources and rewarding team members for doing their part. If you’re looking for ways to join the movement in your office, read on to get tips for making your business greener. Earth Day may be over, but it’s still a great time to initiate new, green strategies. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce paper use by implementing rules like business-only printing, maximum paper use per day and double-sided printing only. Expand your reduction efforts by encouraging clients to sign up for paperless billing. Look into hybrid e-signing if you don’t have it already and consider digital media strategies for marketing your business. That may include social media, expanding your company website, email, blogging and digital banner ads.

Reduce plastic bottle and paper cup waste by providing team members with reusable bottles and coffee mugs. Take it one step further by installing water refill stations and using coffee pots instead of one-time use pods.

Reuse materials by donating old computers, office supplies, desks and other office furniture. When it’s time to redecorate the office or furnish it, purchase repurposed materials, which also provide a unique and trendy design aesthetic. When it comes to printing, use reusable ink cartridges and print on recycled paper products.

Encourage recycling habits by making it easy to recycle. Strategically place recycling bins for paper and cans around the office within walking distance of desks and in your printing room and kitchen.

Decrease Toxins

Natural cleaning products use nontoxic ingredients that won’t release chemicals into the air or allow them to seep into groundwater. As a bonus, these products contain fewer allergens and are easier on sensitive skin. Many of these products come in eco-friendly packaging as well.

Cut Down On Air Pollution

Offer incentives for employees to take different modes of transportation to work, including carpools, public transportation, biking or walking. Cut down on pollution from commuting even more by considering a hybrid option for in-office and remote work.

Lower Energy Use

A few quick improvements around the office can lower the amount of energy you use each day and can even save your business money in the long run.

To save on electricity, switch out any incandescent bulbs with LEDs instead. These popular bulbs are more energy-efficient, emit brighter light and last about 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs. You should also use natural light whenever possible. If you have any old appliances in the office kitchen, replace them with certified energy-efficient ones, which will significantly reduce your electricity use.

To save on heat, fix any drafts with weather stripping, door sweeps, window film and insulated curtains. If you have hardwood or concrete floors in your office, consider laying down some area rugs or full carpeting. You’ll also want to have the office HVAC serviced. A clean, well-maintained system won’t have to work twice as hard to heat or cool the office.

Integrate Green Living Into Your Culture

The changes you make to help your business become greener will all be in vain if your team members aren’t on board. Change everyone’s mindset by implementing green living into your company culture. Talk about it at meetings, provide updates on how the business is reducing waste or saving energy, and allow team members to share ideas on other ways to be eco-friendly inside and outside the office. Create incentives, make it fun and incorporate it into your business philosophy and brand.