Travel Guidelines

QLMS Pinnacle Travel Guidelines

QLMS Pinnacle events are exclusive experiences that thousands of partners look forward to attending every year. By registering for one of our Pinnacle events, you are agreeing to the following travel guidelines:

QLMS does not cover the following expenses

  1. Seat/flight upgrades
  2. Additional flight costs for extending the trip
  3. In-flight food/beverages
  4. Checked baggage fees
  5. Taxi/Uber services to and from airport
  6. Rental cars
  7. Hotel room upgrades
  8. Room incidentals
  9. Additional nights at the hotel
  10. Concierge services
  11. Spa services
  12. Activities attended outside of the Pinnacle event
  13. Food/beverage purchase outside of event
  14. Medical expenses due to injuries incurred at the event
  15. Souvenirs

Please review additional travel information for each section.

Event Attendance

By registering for the event, you are agreeing to attend the entire event. Special accommodations will be made in the event of a personal emergency, however due to the cost and limited number of spots, if you are unable to attend the full time, we ask that you register for an event that you can fully attend so spots can be given to those who can enjoy the full experience.

Special Accommodations

If you have food allergies or need ADA assistance, please include this information in the notes section when registering.

Non-Pinnacle Guests

This is a business trip and reserved only for Pinnacle partners. We cannot accommodate spouses, children, and friends as we will be providing education and entertainment for partners only and ask that you be present for the entire event.


  • All airfare for Pinnacle events will be booked through our travel team. Delta is our preferred airline. We will book direct flights through Delta whenever possible.
    1. If you would like to extend your stay at the Pinnacle destination, you will be responsible for the increase in the ticket cost. Adelman Travel will contact you to collect the additional fees prior to your attendance at the event.
  • All flights booked will be coach/economy class. You can upgrade your ticket to First Class, Delta Comfort+®, etc. at your expense.

Hotel Accommodations

  1. QLMS will book guests in a pre-selected hotel of our choice to ensure easy check in and shuttle access to our event. Accommodations will not be covered or made outside of this pre-selected choice.
  2. QLMS cannot guarantee early check-in for those partners arriving early.
  3. Any additional nights will be the responsibility of the QLMS partner. Requests for additional nights should be made directly with the hotel.


  1. QLMS partners are responsible for transportation to and from the airport.
  2. For partners driving to the event, QLMS will cover any valet costs at the hotel destination.
  3. Once at the Pinnacle event, QLMS will cover all transportation to and from offsite events.