The Importance Of Continued Mortgage Broker Training

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Continuing education can seem like more work and time to add to your already full plate, but it has many benefits for you and your business. And Rocket ProSM TPO’s new training program, Pro Performance, can be a great place to start. Read on to learn more about why you should continue your mortgage broker training and the various ways to do it.

Why It’s Important To Continue Your Mortgage Broker Training

By continuing your sales training and mortgage broker education, you’re giving yourself a one-up over your competition. Continuing education helps you develop new skills and refine the ones you already have. It also keeps you up to date on new mortgage guidelines and products. It also helps you fulfill your requirements to stay licensed.

Sales And Mortgage Broker Training Opportunities

There are many ways you can continue your training. You’ll want to choose what’s best for your goals, your requirements and the way you learn. Here are just a few options below, including our very own training program, Rocket Pro TPO Pro Performance.

Online Courses

You can find NMLS approved mortgage loan officer training courses online that meet state requirements. Along with these needed courses, there are also plenty of online professional development classes and webinars available. These may help you sharpen your sales skills, learn better ways to communicate, stay organized or improve leadership skills.

Books, Podcasts And Blogs

Everyone learns a different way and there’s something for every kind of learner. Visual learners may benefit from reading sales books and mortgage broker blogs, like the Rocket Pro TPO blog, which often offer tips on growing your business or information on loan products and processes. Meanwhile, auditory learners can take advantage of various mortgage podcasts, which keep you up to date on the industry. We suggest HousingWire Daily, Loan Officer Freedom and Mortgage Impact Podcast.


Hearing from successful leaders in business can be motivating, inspiring and, more importantly, helpful in growing your business. Whether watching them speak at a conference, on social media or through a speaker series, you’ll be able to hear motivating stories, get advice and learn new ways of thinking from professionals who have implemented these things and saw great success.

To get some solid advice directed specifically for your industry, check out our Pro Talk Series, where we bring in some of the brightest minds in business today. Our past events have featured author and inspirational speaker, Simon Sinek and author and entrepreneur, Frans Johansson, each speaking on such topics as leadership, innovation and diversity. Our next speaker is CEO, author and former FBI hostage negotiator, Chris Voss. During the talk, Voss will share the communication skills and strategies he learned in the FBI to help you become a strong negotiator for your business.

Rocket Pro TPO Pro Performance

We’re launching a new training program called Pro Performance that provides even more continuing education opportunities that give you an edge over the competition. Here’s what you can expect.

Webinar-Based Sales Training

We’re kicking off a series of monthly trainings provided by our Pro training team and covering various sales topics that may affect you. The first training, on January 27, will cover debt consolidation.

In this training, you’ll learn:

  • Logic-based exercises you can do with your clients to help them see the negative impact revolving debt has on their finances
  • How to help your clients discover benefits of debt consolidation they may not have considered before
  • Ways to turn everyday application questions into compelling conversation points
  • How to create math-based talking points that instill confidence in your buyers

Platform Training

These live trainings will help you get familiar with our systems, allowing you to better navigate our portal and processes. Along with the current trainings offered, there will be new live trainings whenever we have a new process or technology added to the portal.

In-Person Training

In the future, you’ll be able to sign up for in-person trainings with the Rocket Pro TPO team in our Detroit location. This new program, All Access, is launching soon and will give you the insights and knowledge to compete for more business and maximize the control, speed and convenience offered by our platform. You’ll love this opportunity to meet our team members, ask questions and learn new skills in person and explore our home base, the Motor City.

Contact your account executive to learn more about our mortgage broker training.