Two Weekly Must Reads For Brokers: Rocket Release And Rocket Fuel

Whether it’s the Wall Street Journal, your local newspaper, a business monthly or blogs, every broker has their favorites for staying current in the industry. For Rocket ProSM TPO partners, education and entertainment are always just a few clicks away. It’s part of Rocket Pro TPO’s commitment to partners – giving them the support and resources they need to grow and strengthen their business.

Every week, thousands of partners receive Rocket Release and Rocket Fuel: two robust (and free) online sources for news, trends, market updates, TPO product and tech updates and much more. Check out why they’re both essential reads and what makes them different.

What is Rocket Release?

Rocket Release makes it easy to hear directly from leadership. You get to know exactly what tools, tech, pricing, and resources are coming and how you can use them to better serve your clients. Every week, partners can check out the latest offerings, whether it’s the next Pro Talks series or details about next Pro Performance Sales Training.

An important part of Rocket Release is a video from Executive Vice President Austin Niemiec, who gives partners a comprehensive weekly update on what’s going on, what’s coming next and how it can benefit partners and grow their business. Rocket Release is viewed by a high percentage of our partners who leverage it to keep their own team and clients in the know. Partners also count on Rocket Release to hear our latest pricing promotions, along with new mortgage guidelines and process updates. An educated partner is a stronger partner and that’s why this weekly email is so important.

Where To View Rocket Release

Everyone can view the weekly Rocket Release video on our homepage and on the Rocket Pro TPO social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

What’s Rocket Fuel?

Every Saturday morning, right after a first cup of coffee or a quick walk with the dog, partners are sitting down with Rocket Fuel and getting a quick jolt of current events: everything from the increasing popularity of solar panels to what Americans are doing with their tax refunds.

Rocket Fuel is broken down into easy-to-digest sections. The Biz Buzz and Caffeinated Trends sections cover market-focused topics like how to handle a rising rate environment, stock reports, home values and the most popular cities to buy versus rent (Detroit came in third).

Meanwhile, the In the Weed Reads section offers links to in-depth articles and reports on the market that brokers need. The newsletter also features a Partner Spotlight section, which gives a more personal (and fun) look at what our partners are up to. You can learn how they got started in the business and what’s currently working for them to their opinions on such topics as whether pineapple belongs on pizza.

You can even test your own brain power with a weekly Pro Puzzle. The crossword puzzle also has a little friendly competition thrown in with winning times announced from the previous week.

Where To Check Out Rocket Fuel

Every Saturday, partners can open up Rocket Fuel in their inbox and can also view current and past Fuels on the blog. While Rocket Fuel is more conversational and light-hearted than the more business-focused Rocket Release, both are filled with content that elevates partners, keeping them a step ahead in our ever-changing market.

Keeping Partners Covered From Monday to Saturday

If you want to hit the workweek strong, check out Monday’s Rocket Release and hear directly from Austin Niemiec. To wrap up your week, spend a few minutes on Saturday (or Sunday) browsing through Rocket Fuel. Add them both to your reading list and you’ll find that you’re more in the know, able to anticipate what’s happening in the market and answer more questions from clients.

Remember, these are your newsletters. If you have any suggestions about content that you’d like to see in the Rocket Release or Rocket Fuel or you’d like to be featured in the partner spotlight, reach out to your Account Executive.