Empowering Women in the Mortgage Lending Space

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Rocket Accelerator

In our business, we know that success, drive and expertise know no boundaries. We are proud to launch Rocket Accelerator, a program that's empowering women in the mortgage lending space and showcasing female leaders who are thriving in our industry and beyond.

We've created this program exclusively for our female partners, and you can influence where Rocket Accelerator is going next.

Advantages of being a part of Rocket Accelerator

  • Attend Exclusive female-focused events for Rocket Accelerator members.
  • Gain access to mentor and mentorship opportunities that can help women in our industry.
  • Receive communications personalized to the Rocket Accelerator community.

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Mentorship Program

To empower and support our brokers and give you an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise, become a Rocket Accelerator mentor or mentee. Click on the link below to sign up! Make an impact today and for the future.

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