QLMS is unlocking huge savings with Prime29

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QLMS’ partners only have until the end of June to assist their clients in unlocking HUGE savings with Prime29. This unique offering is creating waves across the broker community and has unleashed $186,000,000 in savings for partners’ clients since its rollout. QLMS has slashed the interest rate on a 29-year loan, so the monthly payment equals that of a 30-year conventional loan but saves clients THOUSANDS over its life. Partners have already helped nearly 12,000 homeowners secure this limited-time deal – saving them an average of $15,500 over the life of their loan. LOs are coming to QLMS in droves because of differentiators like this. If you are not yet a QLMS partner, click HERE and you can leverage Prime29 and save your clients thousands in as few as 24 hours after placing your application.